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My Argentina Budget!

How to budget for Argentina

Where did my money go in Argentina for a 6 night trip?

Here’s the quick rundown.  Click and read below to get a deeper insight!

Total: $1017.08 for 6 days.  Check each section below to see a breakdown!

Accommodations Hotel, Hostel, and...Read More »

Nazca Flight ~ Great Nazca Tours Review

When I decided to head down to Peru, I knew I had to find a way to make a flight for the  Nazca Lines Tour to happen (they’re also known as the Lineas de Nazca).  I’ve heard of them for years in a variety of places from National Geographic to...Read More »

Groupon Getaways Review ~ Niagara Falls

I’m sure you, like me, have long wondered if Groupon Getaways is worth it?  They have amazing trips to the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and all over!  But...Read More »

Niagara Falls Zip Line

Niagara Falls is amazing enough without having to add any new experiences… but… why wouldn’t you want to make it extra amazing? I had been warned of all the tourist traps and kitschy attractions, but I didn’t care. I still wanted to see Niagara, and I wanted to...Read More »

Best Atlanta Groupons for the Summer!

Groupons are critical to me saving up enough money to go on all of my trips.  Below I’ve found the best Groupons to use this summer in Atlanta!  I’ve put them into categories for you; this list is absolutely not exhaustive, but I think are the top ones...Read More »

Moroccan Game of Thrones Beach Trip!

All I needed to hear was that Essaouira was a Game of Thrones filming location, and I was sold.  Add to that that there were goats involved?  I’m so in.  So, I decided to take a day trip to Essaouira.

I opted to use the Fantastic Finds in Lost Luggage!

The mark of a truly brilliant idea is one so simple and amazing that you can’t believe someone thought of it before you.  Well… let me tell you about the most brilliant things I’ve heard of…Unclaimed Baggage

As fellow...Read More »

Moroccan The Kasbah! ~ 3 Day Marrakech Desert Tour

I took an amazing tour through the Atlas Mountains to get to the Sahara!  If I had to do it all over again, I’d recommend a 4 day tour, but this was incredible!  Check out my budget for my whole trip in Morocco!...Read More »

Team Feud Night! New Game Night in Atlanta!

I love a good game night, and when I’m not off traipsing around the world, I have to keep myself occupied here at home in good ol’ Atlanta and find fun things to do in Atlanta.  Naturally my traveling, while cheap, isn’t free, so I do need to still find...Read More »

Drive a Tank in Georgia! A Fun Thing To Do Around Atlanta

There are tons of ways to have a fun weekend, but if you want an EPIC weekend? Then you, my friend, need to drive a tank. Didn’t know that that was an option, did you?  I’m here to tell you that it is! I’ve started investigating fun things...Read More »

How to Make a Tiny Planet with 360 Camera

Tiny Planet with 360 Camera

I’ve been on the hunt for a 360 camera since I saw a Tiny Planet Video on Youtube.  I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  The pictures were so interesting, but I thought the movies...Read More »

Fun things to do in Berlin: Alternative Berlin Street Art Tour

During my quick layover in Berlin, I rifled through the brochures at my hostel and stumbled across the Berlin Street Art Tour and Workshop by Alternative Berlin! It was my third trip to Berlin, and I’d never heard of anything like this before! I’ll tell...Read More »

8 Travel Hacks to Save Money on Flights with

Skyscanner hacks to get cheap flights

The best way to save money with is obviously to use a combination of these Travel Hacks!  If you really want to save money on flights, it only takes a bit of...Read More »

My Passport Was Stolen! What Do I Do?

It’s one of the biggest fears a traveler can have, and it has happened to me.  On the first day of my trip.  I was on a train from Germany to Geneva to kick off my month long trip before going home to grad school.  The guy on the train asked...Read More »

What I should have known before going to the Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo is outside of Brisbane and run by the Irwin Family of Crocodile Hunter fame.  I went right before I left Australia when I was out there in 2006 for my Study Abroad adventure.  I have 2 main regrets from that trip. 

1. Crappy Camera...Read More »

What's the best tour in Cambodia? Busabout Adventure!

I was originally supposed to go training (literally… train!) through Asia on the Trans-Mongolian Express because I wanted to check out Asia and see if maybe I wanted to teach abroad (Korea? Japan?).  I wasn’t able to get my visas for that in time and...Read More »

Should I buy a nicer, fancier camera? Pros and Cons of DSLR

Why Did I buy a Canon DSLR Camera?

It wasn’t until I was making a photobook for my parent’s Christmas present that I realized, “Whoa, I need a better camera.” My pictures in my earliest photo books were pretty grainy, and they looked much better in my later books when I...Read More »

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