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Bamahenge and Dinosaurs in the Woods ~ Gulf Shores Alabama's Attractions

Bamahenge and Dinosaurs in the Woods ~ Gulf Shores Alabama’s Attractions


Everyone in the South has heard of Gulf Shores, Alabama as a wonderful beach destination. But… I’d bet money that most people haven’t heard of an amazing roadside attraction a scant 30 minutes away.  

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Groupon Getaways Review ~ Niagara Falls

I’m sure you, like me, have long wondered if Groupon Getaways is worth it?  They have amazing trips to the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and all over!  But...Read More »

14 Reasons to Road Trip to Florence Alabama

Add Florence Alabama to your road trip!

I had the opportunity to head out to explore Florence Alabama (and of course Muscle Shoals) for Shindig 2017.  I couldn’t have been more surprised about what I discovered out there!...Read More »

Game of Thrones Trivia ~ The Diesel

Everyone loved reading the Harry Potter trivia questions, so lucky you I also wrote down the Game of Thrones trivia questions!

Link to the answers at the bottom!

Round 1  ~ (I didn’t hear that there was a clue)

  1.  What Lonely Island song came up right after Theon...Read More »

My Cuba Budget

How to budget for Cuba

After my Trans Mongolian trip, one of the cheapest ways home was a long layover in Cuba! So if you’re wondering how much it costs to go to cuba, here’s my budget for my 4 nights in Cuba!

Where did my money go...Read More »

Harry Potter Trivia at The Pub Perimeter

I go to trivia events (or my new fave, Team Family Feud) all the time, but nothing gets me more pumped than themed trivia. I like having a frame of reference about what the questions will be on!  It’s a pretty much 100% guarantee that if I...Read More »

Niagara Falls Zip Line

Niagara Falls is amazing enough without having to add any new experiences… but… why wouldn’t you want to make it extra amazing? I had been warned of all the tourist traps and kitschy attractions, but I didn’t care. I still wanted to see Niagara, and I wanted to...Read More »

My Trans Mongolian Railway Budget

I was finally able to take my Trans-Mongolian Railway trip through China, Mongolia, and Russia!  I’ve separated the budget for the train trip by category, so you can see what I spent, but then also figure out how to apply it back to yourself. I present to you.. my railway...Read More »

Best Atlanta Groupons for the Summer!

Groupons are critical to me saving up enough money to go on all of my trips.  Below I’ve found the best Groupons to use this summer in Atlanta!  I’ve put them into categories for you; this list is absolutely not exhaustive, but I think are the top ones...Read More »

Moroccan Game of Thrones Beach Trip!

All I needed to hear was that Essaouira was a Game of Thrones filming location, and I was sold.  Add to that that there were goats involved?  I’m so in.  So, I decided to take a day trip to Essaouira.

I opted to use the Fantastic Finds in Lost Luggage!

The mark of a truly brilliant idea is one so simple and amazing that you can’t believe someone thought of it before you.  Well… let me tell you about the most brilliant things I’ve heard of…Unclaimed Baggage

As fellow...Read More »

Georgia Renaissance Festival 2017

If you’re like most people from Atlanta, around early April you start hearing the exciting trumpets announcing an annual festival South of Atlanta.  I’m of course talking about The Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Much like Yours Truly, The Ren Fest has graced Atlanta for a solid 32 years....Read More »

Moroccan The Kasbah! ~ 3 Day Marrakech Desert Tour

I took an amazing tour through the Atlas Mountains to get to the Sahara!  If I had to do it all over again, I’d recommend a 4 day tour, but this was incredible!  Check out my budget for my whole trip in Morocco!...Read More »

Morocco Budget

I went to Morocco for Spring Break, and I had a lot of people ask me how  much to budget for a trip to Morocco!  I’ve separated the budget for Morocco by category, so you can see what I spent, but then also figure out how to...Read More »

Team Feud Night! New Game Night in Atlanta!

I love a good game night, and when I’m not off traipsing around the world, I have to keep myself occupied here at home in good ol’ Atlanta and find fun things to do in Atlanta.  Naturally my traveling, while cheap, isn’t free, so I do need to still find...Read More »

Iceland Budget

Iceland is gorgeous and I learned a lot of silly things when I was out there, but it can definitely be expensive!  So, I present to you, my dear readers, the first of the budget series!  I’ve separated the budget for Iceland by category, so you can...Read More »

Drive a Tank in Georgia! A Fun Thing To Do Around Atlanta

There are tons of ways to have a fun weekend, but if you want an EPIC weekend? Then you, my friend, need to drive a tank. Didn’t know that that was an option, did you?  I’m here to tell you that it is! I’ve started investigating fun things...Read More »

10 Things No One Tells You About Iceland!

Everyone knows about Iceland, and it is probably the hottest (metaphorically) destination of 2017!  Everyone talks about the waterfalls, glaciers, Blue Lagoon, and occasionally the puffins… but I had a few things surprise me while I was there! So here are the 10 things that surprised me while...Read More »

Fun things to do in Berlin: Alternative Berlin Street Art Tour

During my quick layover in Berlin, I rifled through the brochures at my hostel and stumbled across the Berlin Street Art Tour and Workshop by Alternative Berlin! It was my third trip to Berlin, and I’d never heard of anything like this before! I’ll tell you what...Read More »

2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 5! Countries 21-25

Part 5 of the ADVENTure calendar!

Click here if you need to go back to see Part 1 (Countries 1-5!)

Click here if you need to go back...Read More »

2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 4! Countries 16-20

Part 4 of the ADVENTure calendar!

Click here if you need to go back to see Part 1 (Countries 1-5!)

Click here if you need to go back...Read More »

7 Things You Must Do When In Sydney

7 Things You Must Do When in Sydney

The Land Down Under has always been so intriguing for globetrotters from all across the world. Its amazing architecture and an abundance of landmarks make it worth seeing, which is exactly what you have to do if you get a chance. Here...Read More »

2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 3! Countries 11-15

Part 3 of the ADVENTure calendar!

Click here if you need to go back to see Part 1 (Countries 1-5!).

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Make the most of the Chinese Lantern Festival in Centennial Olympic Park!

My favorite part about December is all the Christmas Lights!  Add that plus my love of traveling the world, and the perfect thing just opened up on December 9th!  The Chinese Lantern Festival!  Admittedly, I...Read More »

2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 2! Countries 6-10

Part 2 of the ADVENTure calendar!

Click here if you need to go back to see Part 1 (Countries 1-5!).

Stay tuned for a collection of blog posts that I’ve found that will go into...Read More »

How to Pretend to be a Princess in Germany's Disney Castle

So Disney may (or may not) have totally ruined my love life for all time, and that’s fine. I’ve comes to terms with that. It went even a step further when I went to the castle that inspired Cinderella’s caste for a second date while I was 2016 ADVENTure Calendar! 25 Must See Countries! 1-5

Dec 1st is an exciting day for some people! It’s the first day for Advent Calendars!  I’m not super religious, so my main enthusiasm for them is a daily dose of chocolate. But for you, my fellow lovers of the world, I’ve compiled a list of 25 Countries that fellow...Read More »

The 7 Best Bars in Barcelona to Have the Best Night Ever

Barcelona remains one of the most fun cities that I’ve ever been to.  It was at the end of my summer of using the Busabout Hop on Hop Off pass (I highly recommend it! I enjoyed it way more than the rail pass!...Read More »

Fear of Heights + Heights = Hot mess and screams


Ok, so at home in Atlanta, I lead a pretty bland life, imho.  But Travel Carly is a whole different animal.  I really try and push my boundaries when I travel. In language, food, fear, and experiences.  So when my buddy let me stay with him for not one, but...Read More »

My Passport Was Stolen! What Do I Do?

It’s one of the biggest fears a traveler can have, and it has happened to me.  On the first day of my trip.  I was on a train from Germany to Geneva to kick off my month long trip before going home to grad school.  The guy on the train asked...Read More »

Why Rothenburg o.d. Tauber is worth more than just a day trip!

Fresh out of college, I was having trouble finding a job in America during a bad economy and with the vague B.A in Writing and Communications.  Then, an opportunity to stay/work in a hotel in Germany presented itself.  Much to the chagrin of my parents, I jumped at...Read More »

What I should have known before going to the Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo is outside of Brisbane and run by the Irwin Family of Crocodile Hunter fame.  I went right before I left Australia when I was out there in 2006 for my Study Abroad adventure.  I have 2 main regrets from that trip. 

1. Crappy Camera...Read More »

Top 10 Surprising Things About Ecuador!

10 Interesting Facts about Ecuador

  1. The Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador!
Giant tortoises just wandering around

I guess I’d never really thought about which country claimed them until my students and I decided on this as our summer trip!  It was free for...Read More »

What's the best tour in Cambodia? Busabout Adventure!

I was originally supposed to go training (literally… train!) through Asia on the Trans-Mongolian Express because I wanted to check out Asia and see if maybe I wanted to teach abroad (Korea? Japan?).  I wasn’t able to get my visas for that in time and...Read More »

What is an EF Training Tour Like?

Before you can take students abroad with EF Tours, they first send you on a EF Training Tour!  They want to make sure that you are well prepared for taking students abroad!  Check out this post if you want to know what it is like to(Visited 71 times, 1 visits today)