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I went to Morocco for Spring Break, and I had a lot of people ask me how  much to budget for a trip to Morocco!  I’ve separated the budget for Morocco by category, so you can see what I spent, but then also figure out how to apply it back to yourself. I present to you.. my Morocco budget.

Where did my money go in Morocco for a 5 night trip?

Here’s the quick rundown.  Click and read below to get a deeper insight!

Morocco Budget

Total: $1425.99.  Check each section below to see a breakdown!

Flights Went to Morocco and Portugal!
Accommodations Hotel, Riads, and a Beduoin Camp!
Transportation  Mostly to and from Airports
Food Reasonably priced local cuisine
Alcohol Actually didn’t drink on this trip
Activities Many things to do!
Souvenirs Slash Presents!

3 Day Sahara TrekRead more about my journey into the Sahara (partially on a camel!)

Essaouira Day TripRead more about my day trip to the Game of Thrones film location AND goats in trees!


Could you do it cheaper? It all really depends on your Origin, but Atlanta to Marrakech was about $1800 when I was looking. So I think I did the best I could from my side of the world.

Keep in mind: Your Origin!  Where you start your journey will definitely impact the price.  Please read my post about how to score the best deals possible on     To get these cheaper fares, I also had a few layovers in Casablanca which was a huge hassle.  I found a sweet deal with a package to Morocco later, so always keep an eye out on my FB account!

Flights to Morocco

I knew I wanted to get to Africa during my Spring break, because I wanted to get to my 6th Continent!  The idea of sleeping in the desert to get amazing Star Trails pics had entranced me.  My friend showed me a package deal to Morocco which got me excited about Morocco… but they didn’t take you to the desert! What’s even the point!?  So that’s what set me down this path.  My first baseline search for Atlanta to Morocco was over $1800.  Yikes.  

After doing a lot of research and using my trusty Skyscanner Hacks that I taught you, I found that one of the cheapest ways there and back was through Portugal!  There were some marginally cheaper ways back (maybe $50 cheaper), but I opted for Portugal because I have a friend there and in New York where the flight left from.

My last leg home was with my Southwest points! I’m almost out!


I had a mix of WAY low budget and budget.

Could you do it cheaper?  Absolutely. There were hostel beds for $4!  

Keep in mind:  Some of the places I stayed at were included in the tour.

Morocco Accommodation budget

My first night, I stayed in Riad Spa du Chameau.  Since I’ve stayed 5 nights with, I got 10% off. I recommend them!  I was actually picked up from the airport by my tour company (IgoMorocco) and dropped off. I was met with a welcome drink (tea! It’s always tea!), a tour, and taken to the very same room I saw on the website.

Night 2 was in the Gorge and was included in my 3 day desert tour.  It was funny because I had a room with 3 beds, but I was all by myself!

Night 3 was the Bedouin Camping Night!  This was also included in tour price. Full disclosure, I did get bumped to “luxury” since I told them I was going to write about it.  I’m not sure what the regular camping was like. From what I gathered from other people, it was basically the difference between a squat and regular toilet.

The next two nights were spent at Riad Palais Azukar.  This one was really close the main square, so I think if I went back, I’d prefer it (especially since the tours always dropped off in the main square!)


Could you do it cheaper? I dunno. I think I bottom of the barrel-ed this one!  That $3 to get the guy to guide me to my hotel was best $3 I’ve ever spent. Marrakech is a MAZE.

Keep in mind: Most of my main transportation costs were in the tours. The tours were so cheaply priced, that I think they were super worth it.

Tour morocco cost

Even though the tour picked me up from the Riad, they actually drop you off in the main square (El Jemaa el Fna).  I told my guide that I was going to a new hotel, and I didn’t know where I was going. He suggested I hire a guy.  He went and found one for me, and it was very cheap. The man walked *very* fast and pulled my luggage in his little cart (that’s how you can tell he’s a guide, I suppose).  I took pictures of the turns so I could find my own way later. That was super helpful.

The taxi to the airport was about $12.  The guy (Ahmed!) at the front desk told me not to pay more than $10, but the taxi guy was adamant, and I was like, whatever, it’s $2.  I generally feel like he needs that $2 more than I do.



Could you do it cheaper?  $60 for 5 days is pretty boss, imho.

Keep in mind:  The breakfasts were included every morning no matter where I stayed, and dinner was included on the tour.  So if you don’t do a tour, it might go up a bit.

Morocco Food Budget

What was really strange is that the .5 bottles of water would be like 80 cents, or the 1.5 liters were a dollar, so like… why wouldn’t I just get the HUGE one?  The air was SO dry that I was drinking a lot on the bus (water… calm down 😛 ).  My throat felt constantly dry.  One of the girls on my bus kept getting nosebleeds every afternoon because she was so dry.  So don’t skimp on the water!

Where they took us for meals were usually about $10 for food and water, and the food was surprisingly good. I have some food allergies and sensitivities, and I managed just fine.  I kinda thought that lunch in Essaouira would be more expensive because I ate right in the main square (the free Wifi sign called to me), but it was about half of all the other places we’d been going!  



Could you do it cheaper?  Unless you have a magical way of having people paying you to drink?

Keep in mind: I didn’t see it offered many places

I didn’t drink this trip.  It’s not that I made a conscious choice to not do that, but it just kind of happened.  Really, my plan was to drink a cocktail or two in the pool, but the pool was literally in the middle of the hotel, and I didn’t feel like floating around in my bathing suit for all to see.  Then the rest of the time, the drink of choice seemed to be tea, or “Berber Whiskey.”  It’s a country of people that don’t drink, so I didn’t feel the need to.   Although, it was possible, I didn’t see it often.  My first hotel’s menu actually said alcohol was possible, but in moderation. They just don’t want you running around being an idiot, which I think is fair.


Could you do it cheaper? Sure, don’t get the massage!  I saw some cheaper ones in Essaouira (maybe… $30 for an hour?)

Keep in mind: Some of these prices also include food!

Activities budget for Morocco

The main reason I went to Morocco was to spend the night in the desert! I must’ve slogged through dozens of companies before I decided on IGoMorocco.  I checked around and they had all the things included that I wanted to go to, had a great price, and free airport pickup!  While I was on their site, I also noticed the Day Trip to Essaouira and Chez Ali Dinner Spectacular!

Other than those, activities also included being bullied out of money to use the bathroom (or the use of toilet paper) or take pictures of goats.

The massage was totally worth it. It looks like I paid more than I could’ve in Essaouira, but I liked that it was in my hotel.  She let me fall asleep and then I just wandered down into my own room!  Much more relaxing than getting up and having to walk the streets, avoid salesmen, and try not to bump into people.


Could you do it cheaper?  Well sure if you don’t do souvenirs!

Keep in mind:  My souvenir budget was higher this trip because I told someone I’d bring them back some leather poofs.  

Morocco Souvenir budget

 I collect small, decorative spoons from countries that I’ve visited (a collection I’ve inherited from my grandmother).  

My spoon collection!


When we were in Ait Ben Haddou, the guide suggested that we buy the scarves there because they were about $5 there, and $12 in the desert, and we’d need them. The desert didn’t really “demand” a scarf, but it also wasn’t very windy that day, and there wasn’t a place to get them there anyway.  Five dollars is totally fair, and they teach you how to wrap them! I did find some in Essaouira for $3, so if you have the chance, I’d definitely try and get them there.

I can’t seem to find anyone else’s costs for the leather poofs, so I still don’t know if I got a good deal. By haggling, I whittled him down from about $105, but who knows how high they boost costs in order to haggle!  They are rather beautiful though, so I don’t think the prices were outrageous.

On the day trip to Essaouira, we stopped at a Women’s Cooperative for Argan OIl.  It was rather amazing, and I kinda loaded up on souvenirs.  But then once in Essaouira, they were mad cheaper…. liiiiiike maybe 50% cheaper.  I didn’t feel super bad about it because I know exactly where my money went, but still… maybe should’ve just bought one thing there.  I dunno… I’m torn. What do you think?

I hope you find this helpful for your trip! Let me know what prices you paid and where!

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  1. Joy Sheehan says:

    How didn’t you take your Moroccan poof home? Morocco is top of my bucket list but I think I should go when I have the money to spend on shipping home a ton of home decor items like rugs and lanterns and things lol I want my whole house to look like Morocco!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello! I love your post and am going to be booking my Sahara Excursion through I Go Morocco. Can you tell me why you thought you should have stayed in Essouira longer? did you do the day trip or an overnight?

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