Game of Thrones Trivia Answers ~ The Diesel Nerd Trivia Night

Round 1  ~ (I didn’t hear that there was a clue)

  1.  What Lonely Island song came up right after Theon Greyjoy had his ::cough cough:: cut off? My D*** in a Box
  2. Which religious leader commanded Cersei to make her Walk of Atonement? High Sparrow
  3. What genital affliction did the Bravoosi actor suffer from and show to another actor? Warts

Round 2  ~ Clue: Thank Heaven for Little Girls

  1. How many men did Lyanna Mormont pledge to Jon Snow? 62 (We put 60…c’mon!)
  2.  Shireen taught Ser Davos to do what? Read
  3. Name the gross father who married his daughters. Craster

Bonus Round 1

  1. What are the 4 locations shown in the opening credit of the first ever episode? Winterfell, King’s Landing, The Wall, and Pentos
  2. Which 2 locations are in every episode’s Opening Credits? (King’s Landing and the Wall)

Round 3 ~ Clue: Different in the Books

  1. What are Whitewalkers called in the books? The Others
  2. Arya uses it in the show, but never uses what weapon in the books? Bow and Arrow
  3. What group in Mereen wears masks in the show but not the in the books? Sons of the Harpy

Round 4 ~ Clue: Dragons

  1. Dragon-glass is called what in real life? Obsidian
  2. Dany says “Dracarys” to get the Dragon’s to use fire in what language? High Valerian
  3. Name the 3 Dragons. Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal

Round 5 ~ Clue: Animal Kingdom

  1. How many siblings did Ghost have? 5
  2. Bronn said which Southern horses could run a day and a night? Dorne
  3. What animal is called the “Oldman of the River”? Turtle (We put Aurochs.  Who knew??)

Round 6 ~ Clue: Tyrion

  1. Tyrion said, “I’m the god of _______ and ________.” T**s and Wine
  2. Tyrion said, “I ________ and I _______ ________.” Drink; know things
  3. Describe his eyes. Mismatched Green and Black eyes

Final Bonus.

Specifically, how did these characters die?

  1. Mathos Seaworth Wildfire at the Battle of Blackwater Bay
  2. Renly Baratheon Shadow Stannis sent stabbed him
  3. Leaf Sacrificed herself to the Whitewalkers with a bomb to save Bran
  4. High Septon Torn apart by mob
  5. Trystan Martell Stabbed through head by a Sand Snake
  6. Lyanna Stark Childbirth

We got 2 wrong and didn’t place. What a world.

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