Best Atlanta Groupons for the Summer!

Groupons are critical to me saving up enough money to go on all of my trips.  Below I’ve found the best Groupons to use this summer in Atlanta!  I’ve put them into categories for you; this list is absolutely not exhaustive, but I think are the top ones that most people could enjoy! The links will take you right to them.

Heads up that I do get a small affiliate commision if you buy because of my link, and it’s at no cost to you. It’s just a small bit to help keep this site running!  If you do decide to grab one (you’d be crazy not to!), I’d appreciate it if you could use my link 🙂  

Fun with Friends!
Date Night
Family Fun
Escape Rooms

Fun with Friends!

This is misleading I suppose since you can also do these yourself or on a date, but these are the Groupons that I have used or will use this summer!  Be like me and have an excellent summer!

Guided Painting Class (and drinking!)  $16

Dip and Dab is my favorite place because not only do they have the discounted rate, but I’ve always enjoyed the paintings a bit more.  I have about 8 around my house from Dip and Dab!  Check out their calendars of pretty paintings coming up!

Dip and Dab Groupon
We’re waving at you!

Planetarium at Fernbank $9 for 2!

Fernbank frequently changes up their shows, but I find them all fascinating.   They have a brand new projector system, and it’s gorgeous.  At the end, if you ask nicely, sometimes they’ll show you that evening’s night sky and point out some stars for you! Here is where you can find the upcoming schedule.   Heading in, you can also see dinos!

Fernbank skeleton dinosaur
Dinos and Stars. Yessss

Rage/Break Room $22

Have you seen the scene from Office Space where they destroy that irritating printer? The Break Room is basically that.  They have cups, plates, bottles, glasses galore for you to throw, drop, smash, crash, and obliterate to your heart’s content.  Nothing is more cathartic than smashing up stuff that doesn’t belong to you, and that you don’t have to clean up.

Break Room Rage room groupon
Sure, I kind of look like the bad guy from I Know What You Did Last Summer… but still fun!

Bowling, Arcade Games, AND Bumper Cars! $39 for 2!

Sure, there are tons of bowling places, but why pay full price? I used to do those dollar bowling nights, but I don’t think they have those anymore. Plus Stars and Strikes has so many other things do too like  the $30 for all their Arcade Games, and then they also have Bumper Cars! You can play Bumper Cars as an adult in the real work if you want, but then you have to get insurance companies involved!

Paintball at Dosser Works $20

I much prefer the kind of paintball that they do in “10 Things I Hate About You,” but I’ve never found anything like that.  Paintball is pretty extreme and can be very fun!  Anticipating the pain is worse than the actual pain.  You’ll be fine. It’s just paint!

Beer Tasting with 6 tickets for $10

Microbrews seem to be all the rage now! We have a whole slew of them around Atlanta (hello Future blog post?).  So let’s celebrate our local beers and try out Naughty Soda!  For this price, you get 6 drink tickets!

Movies Movies Movies Two locations and $5!

This is my most purchased one, by far. I love that you get to pick your own seat before the movie! Gone are the days of stressing about being there on time!  Studio Movie Grill has updated from swiveling office chairs to svelte leather seats.  The first 2-3 rows (depends on theater) recline!  That recline takes away any issues with being so close.  I always bring a blanket and have a delightful time.

Heads Up!

On Wednesdays, they have Classic Movies!  Occasionally they have Special Needs screenings! And a Children’s Series!  And practically every day they have food and drinks specials. Can you tell I LOVE my SMG?

White Water Rafting $23

Phew, what an adrenaline rush!  I’ve been White Water Rafting on the Ocoee before, and it is so fun!  Make sure you bring water shoes like these.  

They’re invaluable!  I’d also splurge for the silly souvenir pic! How often do you get to do it!

White water rafting groupon
There were better pics, but this one will always be my fave. I’m under the splash! Lololol

Date Night!

I guess you could do any of the other ones as well, but these do seem just a bit more romantic 😀

Skyview Ferris Wheel $23 for 2 plus bonus!

I’m sure you’ve seen that giant Ferris Wheel downtown! Well, it gets expensive!  I’ve been at night and during the day, and the views are great both times.  I think night is more romantic 🙂 And bonus?  You also get chocolate!

Sure this was during the Lantern Festival, but it’s still gorgeous at night

Comedy Club $15 for 2!

If you don’t like to laugh, then I dunno what to tell ya! There are a variety of clubs around, but why pay full price?  Check out upcoming comedians here at Uptown Comedy Corner.  I also find it’s fun to go on a night that you don’t know the headliner!  Maybe you’ll discover a future famous person!  They also have 4 packs and VIP options for you money bags.

Dancing Lessons $21 for a couple ($16 for solo!)

Dancing with the Stars is an incredible show, and I hope it’s inspiring more people to want to learn to Ballroom Dance! Not just for lessons for your wedding, but dancing itself is fun! If you’re a guy or you have a guy and he is hesitant, have him watch Dancing with the Stars.  And to vaguely quote Antonio Banderas in a movie I can’t remember, a man dances, but the woman is a beautiful flower he’s showing off.  Sigh.  

Of course any of the options for the friends is good for a date too 🙂

Family Fun!

Waterpark and Go Karts $24 for 2 

Malibu Grand Prix looks like so much fun!  I might have a kid just to get to go!  The Champ Pass gives you unlimited minigolf and rides all day!  They also have Homework, Attendance, and Grade rewards! So bring those report cards in for some extra perks!

Kids in Tiny Towne $14

Tiny Towne is super cute, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s literally a small city, but the kids (ages 3-16) get to drive cars around! I remember doing something like that as a kid, and it was super fun. I think your kids will love it too!

Get Air Trampoline Park $21 for 2!

Get Air has several locations to choose from, and it’s home to a massive trampoline floor and exciting places to jump on and in!  They have passes, summer camps, and birthday parties!  Certainly, there are worse ways to spend a day!

Stone Mountain Adventure Park $25

Stone Mountain is home to more than just a questionable past carved into a mountain.  Get this summer fun pass to be a part of laser shows, rope course, 4D experience, hikes, and more!

Movies Movies Movies! $5

In addition to regular movies that are out for kids, Studio Movie Grill also has Children’s Summer Series!

Escape Rooms

You can’t escape how many escape room are popping up!  I’ve been to about 5 of these, and they are all good fun if you like puzzles.  My biggest tip would be don’t neglect the hints!  They’re there for a reason, so use them!  These are all the Escape Rooms on Groupon around Atlanta.  Find one close to you or try them all!


Escape Rooms:

  1. Escape Woods 
  2. Virtual reality
  3. Mastermind
  4. Project Escape 
  5. Big Escape
  6. Rush Escape 
  7. Time to Escape 
  8. Mastermind Peachtree City 
  9. Puzzlr 
  10. Breakout (2 locations)
  11. Paranoia Zombie Quest
  12. Three Keys Escape 
  13. Odyssey Escape
  14. Escape Revolution 
  15. Brainstorm Escape 

If you found this helpful, please share and pin!  Make some awesome memories with your loved ones this summer!

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