The 7 Best Bars in Barcelona to Have the Best Night Ever

Barcelona remains one of the most fun cities that I’ve ever been to.  It was at the end of my summer of using the Busabout Hop on Hop Off pass (I highly recommend it! I enjoyed it way more than the rail pass! Check it out here).  But what really made Barcelona was the fun Barcelona NIGHT LIFE!  So if you want to know the best bars  in Barcelona, check out the places I visited while I was there, and I hope you choose to go there too 🙂  They put the BAR in Barcelona!!! But avoid them if you’re allergic to having fun.  I mean, look at all the fun this lobster is having.

 1) Paella and Sangria Class!

You want the ~combo~, trust me!  It’s an excellent class that starts from the beginning of how to make it!  They walk you to the outdoor market, show you how to choose the ingredients, and then you walk back and begin!

Paella making class in Barcelona
What a great selection!


You don’t actually make the paella, but you do get to eat it!  You also learn how to make hot and cold tapas!

Best class in Barcelona
Honestly, I probably would have messed it up. Glad the pros make it!


And then ::drumroll:: the main event… Sangria!

Sangria making class in Barcelona
My friend Sarah learning the important art of Sangria!

They even email you the recipes!  There are a few around the area. Busabout sold us tickets (I believe it was cheaper through them when we bought them on the bus) to the one that starts at the Traveler’s Bar near La Rambla.  Here’s a link to how you can get your tickets!  It’s about $35.

And if you’re brave enough, try the shrimp head!

2) Fire Bar!

Our next destination was the Fire Bar AKA Espit Chupitos.  Their website is in Spanish, so if you want more information, I’d try TripAdvisor.  The shots are very cheap, and they are set up into categories.  Some are obviously lit on fire for your enjoyment, and some involve extra activities.  I can’t go into too much detail on the off-chance one of my lovely students reads this, so hit me up with an email if you want that whole story :p But shots are about $2, depending on day and shot!

3) Ice Bar!

More specifically, IceBARcelona. Clever.  It was my first time going to one, and I didn’t know what to expect!  It was a bit pricier than I wanted at about $20.  You can get that price down a few bucks if you buy online early.  The cost includes entrance, a drink, and warm clothes!  Not too bad if you think about it.  Inside, it’s a brisk 20 degrees F!  They don’t give you anything for your legs or toesies, so make sure you dress accordingly!

4)  Fairy Bar!

AKA El Bosc de les Fades!  I wasn’t given much information on this bar, just that it was “magical.”  It was tucked away off of La Rambla.  I remember there being lots of origami. When I walked in, it literally felt magical!  They have bedecked the whole establishment to look like an indoor forest!

There are teensy little fairies tucked away in the trees! There’s also a very bizarre room that looks like it was designed by Dali.  The drinks weren’t overly pricey for what I would consider a really interesting place!

Weird bathroom. Cool bar. Best night ever!

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Now, these two I haven’t been to personally, but they came highly recommended by some people I know!

5) Gatsby Bar!

It’s called Gatsby Barcelona, and it has a 1920s vibe, which is a pretty sweet vibe to have.  The tagline is fun, “A little party never killed nobody.”  This place is a little ritzier than the others and drinks are more than $12 bucks a pop.  With the higher price comes a very high profile atmosphere (part of the reason we didn’t go; we were wearing jeans!) There are shows, dancing, and music! My friend recommends reserving a table before going.

6) Beer Bar!

Ok, so what if you’ve been reading this and you’re not a wine, sangria, or cocktail kind of person? Well, no fear. There’s a Catalan/German beer hall called Moritz.  I didn’t head over this way because I’m not into fancy beers, but here’s a list of what they’ve got, if that’s what you’re into.  They also have a pretty funny WTF menu with things like “what Hipsters are into” and “What Homer Simpson Would Do.”  Classic.  It’s a little to the West of La Rambla, but is still marginally close.  The website is a little difficult to navigate, so check out the Foursquare info instead.

7) Foam Party!

Ok, so this is probably not specific to Barcelona, but it was a part of my best night ever.  We had just left the Ice Bar, and we were wandering around, and someone handed us a flyer for a foam party. We thought… why not!?

We met some Spanish boys at the foam party, and they took us to a Salsa club.  After that closed, we went to the beach and watched the sun rise.  The whole night. Just amazing.

I hope you check out these awesome places while you’re in town!  Of course these should be in addition to the classics like the Parque de la Ciudadela

and La Sagrada Familia

and the Park Guell is definitely worth checking out if you’re into interesting architecture!














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20 thoughts on “The 7 Best Bars in Barcelona to Have the Best Night Ever

  1. The class sounds so much fun! I love the idea of the start to finish part of it – sometimes I find actually buying groceries is the hard part about cooking! I’ll definitely look into this when I visit Barcelona!

    • Carly Wayward says:

      Absolutely! Especially if there are ingredients you don’t normally work with, it’s nice to know how to identify when those things are perfect!

  2. These bars look amazing! We’ve been to the Ice Bar in Stockholm and liked it. It was so cold(and expensive)we didn’t stay long but fun for one drink. The Fairy Bar is gorgeous. I’m going to check out the Hop on bus. Thanks!

    • Carly Wayward says:

      Ice Bars are probably only fun for a first time thing! I certainly don’t feel the need to keep returning over and over. The hop on bus is so great. I was just telling my friend about it today. That might be my next post, actually. Stay tuned!

  3. What a fun list!! My hubby and I have been talking about going to Barcelona…and this has convinced me that it should be a kid-free trip for sure! Love the Ice Bar, it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Carly Wayward says:

      I don’t remember much about the recipe anymore.. I just remember him pouring some alcohol in, stopping, and then saying “never enough!” and putting more in haha.

  4. I’m not a bar person but that giant lobster definitely put a smile on my face! Definitely my kind of place too haha. And that foam party… That looks like such a blast!

  5. I love those impromptu nights where you doing something unexpected and it turns out amazing…like the foam party! I use to live in Orlando and they have an Ice Bar there…way too expensive for what it is..which seems like what all ice bars are like. My favorite one would be the fire! It would be cool if they were somehow connected and you could go into the Ice one first then go warm up in the fire one! Great post!

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