What I should have known before going to the Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo is outside of Brisbane and run by the Irwin Family of Crocodile Hunter fame.  I went right before I left Australia when I was out there in 2006 for my Study Abroad adventure.  I have 2 main regrets from that trip.  1. Crappy Camera This was a decade (yikes) ago before I Read More


Top 10 Surprising Things About Ecuador!

10 Interesting Facts about Ecuador The Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador! I guess I’d never really thought about which country claimed them until my students and I decided on this as our summer trip!  It was free for me to go on which you can read about here!  The islands themselves were a bit Read More

things to do in Peru (1)

My Unofficial Bucket List!

My *unofficial* Bucket List! In no particular order besides some sort of organization. LISTS! All 7 Continents Africa (04/17) Antarctica Asia (06/16) Australia (02/05) Europe (05/07) North America (07/85) South America (06/16) All Available Wonders of the World Ancient Great Pyramids of Egypt Natural Grand Canyon (07/98) Great Barrier Reef (04/06) Rio de Janeiro harbor Read More