What’s the best tour in Cambodia? Busabout Adventure!

I was originally supposed to go training (literally… train!) through Asia on the Trans-Mongolian Express because I wanted to check out Asia and see if maybe I wanted to teach abroad (Korea? Japan?).  I wasn’t able to get my visas for that in time and still be able to take my trip to Ecuador with Read More


Should I buy a nicer, fancier camera? Pros and Cons of DSLR

Why Did I buy a Canon DSLR Camera? It wasn’t until I was making a photobook for my parent’s Christmas present that I realized, “Whoa, I need a better camera.” My pictures in my earliest photo books were pretty grainy, and they looked much better in my later books when I had a slightly better Read More

Notre DAMN!

What is an EF Training Tour Like?

Before you can take students abroad with EF Tours, they first send you on a EF Training Tour!  They want to make sure that you are well prepared for taking students abroad!  Check out this post if you want to know what it is like to Travel with students! What might you see? Before you take your Read More

La Fortuna

What is it like to travel with students with EF Tours?

Educational Tourism with EF Tours! So you want to use EF Tours for your student travel? Before you do student travel with EF Tours  (for free I might add!), you might think… What if I lose one? What if they annoy me? What if they hook up? I can’t be the only person with those thoughts, Read More