2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 4! Countries 16-20

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Part 4 of the ADVENTure calendar!

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Stay tuned for a collection of blog posts that I’ve found that will go into more detail of each day’s exciting country!

Day 16 ~ Portugal

Day 17 ~ Russia

Day 18 ~ South Africa

Day 19 ~ Bosnia

Day 20 ~ Ecuador


Day 16 ~ Portugal

I’m so excited that I was able to squeeze Portugal in on my last trip.  Due to a travel hack I used when I was coming home from 9 weeks in Europe, I found it was cheaper to actually visit Portugal!

    • Wandering Wagars had me at “secret caves” and “beach bums” when they wrote about Algarve!
    • Diaries of a Wandering Lobster describes a harrowing drive to see the highest lake above sea level on Sao Miguel.
    • Passions and Places has a blog about the Azores!  The Azores are a group of islands that I am most familiar with as a stopping point for Indiana Jones.  Wow, that’s a lot of references for Indiana Jones in this series…


Day 17 ~ Russia

Wanderlust’s and Hearts picture of St. Basil’s!

I’ll be visiting Russia a few days after my birthday next summer, and here are some blog posts that I’ve found about Russia!  I think it has a fascinating history (of its own as well as relations with my government), and I’m super stoked about checking out the TransMongolian Express!  In the meantime, I have to read this and bide my time!

    • Travels of a Bookpacker outlines why this enormous country should be one of your next destinations!
    • Trips get went on a fabulous and surprisingly cheap cruise from St. Petersburg to Karelia.
    • Miss Happy Feet  lists 10 Must See places across Russia.  You have to check out the Lake Baikal pictures in winter!
    • Abroad and Beyond has a helpful guide on St. Petersburg!  I’ve heard and read such good things about it, that I’m extending my trip to include it!
    • Wanderlust and Heart is a fellow teacher who went to Moscow!


Day 18 ~ South Africa


South Africa has gotten a lot of bad press, but it’s really an amazing country.  I think a lot of people think of the more central African countries as the ones with wildlife, but that’s not so!

    • In Africa and Beyond compiled 30 gorgeous pictures to inspire your Wanderlust!  They show the diversity of the country!
    • Nonstop Destination went to Cape Town and wrote about the 3 reasons why she loves it!  Apparently there are wineries! Yes please!
    • In Africa and Beyond obviously has a lot of knowledge about Africa, so here’s another link about a review on the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge.  It looks incredible, and I think I need to take a bath there, stat.

Day 19 ~ Bosnia and Herzegovina

My first memory of Bosnia was in Middle School, and I heard on the news that there was a war there.   So beyond that I didn’t really know much about it!  I went through it briefly on my way from Turkey to Slovenia, and it was a beautiful countryside.  I guess I kin of expected it to still be messed up?  But look up there! Beautiful! I learned the history of how Yugoslavia broke apart, and I had a much deeper understanding of this country.

    • Two Scots Abroad breaks down the two main cities of Sarajevo and Mostar and prices!
    • Eternal Arrival went to Sarajevo and checked out the abandoned Bobsled course for the 1984 Olympics and a sniper tower.
    • Bosnian Aussie is, as her name suggests, FROM Bosnia!  Who better to tell you about it than her? She has TONS of articles about anything you’d ever want to know!

Day 20 ~ Ecuador

Ecuador was special to me because it was my 40th country, first time in South America, and I got a free trip there since I took students!

  • My list of surprising things I learned while I was in Ecuador and the Galapagos!  I was mostly surprised by how many I *didn’t* know!
  • Gringa Journeys has a well written list of 10 things to do in Quito. The only thing I think she missed is the chocolate museum/factory/store!  You get to try samples!
  • Thought Card is very adventurous and swung at the end of the world in Banos!  Ok, it’s not *literally* the end of the world.


Keep checking back each day! New countries, posts, and pictures added daily!  Contact me if you’d like your post included! And one pic each day featured on Instagram!

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