2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 3! Countries 11-15

Part 3 of the ADVENTure calendar!

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Stay tuned for a collection of blog posts that I’ve found that will go into more detail of each day’s exciting country!

Day 11 ~ Jordan

Day 12 ~ Cuba

Day 13 ~ China

Day 14 ~ Indonesia

Day 15 ~ Australia


Day 11 ~ Jordan!


Petra is on my Bucketlist for sure!  I haven’t been yet, but Jordan is too amazing to not have on this list!

    • Roamaroo has a great post including fun facts, maps, and a warning about taking drones into Jordan!
    • WanderlustingK went on an exciting 4×4 tour through the Wadi Rum Desert and a bedoin camp!
    • SubjectVerbObject also went to the Wadi Rum, but with kids!
    • WanderingWagars have a bunch of posts about Castles, Caves, Red Sea, and of course Petra!


Day 12 ~ Cuba!

I never thought that I’d be able to go because of the embargo, but I was stoked when relations opened back up! I’m not sure how things will pan out with President Trump coming into power and Castro dying. I hope to get there soon! But until then, here are some posts about it!

    • Travels of a Bookpacker discusses the 5 best places in Cuba. If you’ve only heard of Havana, then you need to check this list out! She also has a blog about backpacking on a budget, which is worth a peek.
    • Wanderlust Vegans details some interesting experiences that they had in Cuba. I think it’s worth reading because sometimes blogs make things seem all amazing, and it’s nice to be mentally prepared.
    • Etsy Explores did the walking tour in Havana!  They describe what it’s like without spoiling any surprises!


Day 13 ~ China

While I’ve ~technically~ been to China, it was only at the airport! I’ll be going June 2017 as a part of my TransMongolian trip!  So to get me pumped up and to get you educated, here are some excellent blog posts!

    • In Africa and Beyond visited Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai and all in a week!
    • Orient Excess wrote a fabulous piece about the Terracotta Warriors! It had a lot of information that I never knew, and I’m really excited about seeing them now!
    • Creative Travel Guide did something that I didn’t even know was possible!  A 4 day boat tour up the Yangtze River and a Ghost City!


Day 14 ~ Indonesia

Indonesia has gotten “hot” lately, but still people haven’t heard of this place or made plans to go!

    • Who Needs Maps has made what is probably my fave blog (at least layout wise).  They show you what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and weather. And I have 3 words for you…weasel poo coffee.
    • Through an Aussie’s Eyes totally gets that there is more to Indonesia than Bali (Did you know Bali isn’t a country? some don’t. No worries 🙂 ) She went to Manado which has a Spanish and Dutch influence.
    • Georgina Does managed to pack in a lot into a day trip to Ubud!  Including a bunch of cute monkeys and sarongs.
    • Family in Faraway Places has got me totally sold on visiting Borobudur.  Like them (before visiting), I’ve never heard of it! But their stunning pictures of the 9th Century temple at sunrise? Fuhgeddaboutit.
    • Helloraya has 9 more places to visit outside of Bali, if those other posts haven’t convinced you!  What an amazing country!


Day 15 ~ Australia

Australia has a special place in my heart because it was where I studied abroad in college. It was my first international trip alone!

  • My guide if you check out the Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin’s zoo) near Brisbane.
  • Traveling Honey Bird alerted me to the fact that there is a city called Batman! Ok, Batmania! It’s a sad story of the natives being taken advantage of by newcomers, but it seems to be flourishing now!
  • Bee Wanderlust has a few posts.  I suggest the one about the Great Ocean Road and working on a farm!
  • Roxana Oliver has been all over Sydney and offers up 7 places that you just can’t miss!
  • Two Drifters highlights some excellent lesser known spots around Australia!

Keep checking back each day! New countries, posts, and pictures added daily!  Contact me if you’d like your post included! And one pic each day featured on Instagram!

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