2016 ADVENTure Calendar Part 2! Countries 6-10

advent calendar

Part 2 of the ADVENTure calendar!

Click here if you need to go back to see Part 1 (Countries 1-5!).

Stay tuned for a collection of blog posts that I’ve found that will go into more detail of each day’s exciting country!

Day 6 ~ Belize

Day 7 ~ Vietnam

Day 8 ~ New Zealand

Day 9 ~ Peru

Day 10 ~ Denmark


Day 6 ~ Belize!


  • Roamaroo went scuba diving in the Blue Hole!  That’s their picture above! It’s just gorgeous!  They tell you how to get there, where to go, etc!
  • Eternal Arrival wrote about how to stay in Ambergris Caye on a budget! She apparently found a very cheap flight and tells you how to too!
  • Milana’s Travels loved Belize so much that she went more than once!  She also wrote about Ambergris Caye, so it sounds like the place to ~go~!
  • My Wanderlusty Life has compiled a great resource of what to pack if you decide to go!!



Day 7 ~ Vietnam!



    • A Girl Abroad did something pretty wild, and she did a bicycle tour of Vietnam!!  Man, if you can’t really get to know a country that way, then I don’t know how!
    • Who Needs Maps has got you covered if bicycling isn’t your thing.  They backpacked through Vietnam and were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed it!
    • Creative Travel Guide has written up a full breakdown of taking a cruise around Halong Bay!
    • The Search of Happiness tells you all about Hoi An. What to do! What to see!  What to buy!
    • The Boutique Adventurer has a 4 day itinerary and a slightly different list of things to do in Hoi An!


Day 8 ~ New Zealand


Mostly known for the place where that movie about those dirty Hobbitses was filmed, but New Zealand has a wide variety of adventure and excitement!

  • Wandering the World has compiled a few blogs about what to do in Queenstown! Hiking, flyboarding, bungee jumping, oh my!
  • Roamaroo couldn’t quite stay put, and opted for a road trip on the South Island! They have some stunning pictures of the landscapes, and some pretty adrenaline pumping activities!
  • As Kiwi on the Loose‘s name suggest, she’s a Kiwi (from New Zealand)!  She’s decided to start exploring her own home country! She started with a trip to Timaru! It’s a cute little town with adorable animals an interesting statues.
  • The Jet Set Brunette also has a South Island itinerary, but it’s a little bit shorter if you’re short on time.  Some of those lake pictures are amazing!
  • Dreams in Heels has got you covered if you aren’t able to make it out there!  Take a Pic-cation (totally copyrighting that btw) and look at some stunning pictures.



Day 9 ~ Peru


Peru is home to the incredible Machu Picchu, but so much more!

    • Wherever I want has several post about what to do before and during your Peruvian trip!  She even gets into the nitty gritty of money!
    • Wandering Bajan took a trip with GAdventures around Peru, if that’s more your speed! Tours are a great way to get around a place without having to do much planning! Just go with the flow!
    • SubjectVerbObject focuses on what to do in Lima!  Peru is more than Machu Picchu!
    • Gringa Journeys is a girl after my own heart and has made a list of 10 Fun Facts that you might not know about Machu Picchu! And I *didn’t* know them!!


Day 10 ~ Denmark


I first went to Denmark because I had a friend that lived there. I didn’t know much about the country except that it looks like a can opener and there was a Little Mermaid statue there! Funny Sad story about vandals.  They occasionally paint her to look like her Disney counterpart.

  • Uncensored Travel spent 24 hours in the capital Copenhagen, and jotted down some must sees!
  • Latitude Way also has a post about Copenhagen, but it’s for 36 hours if you’ve got a little more time!
  • Translating Traveler has got you covered if you’re a little worried about how expensive Scandinavia can be!  How to see Copenhagen on a budget!
  • The World in my Pocket got an insane deal to fly into Copenhagen and only spent about $75!

Keep checking back each day! New countries, posts, and pictures added daily!  Contact me if you’d like your post included! And one pic each day featured on Instagram!

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