2016 ADVENTure Calendar! 25 Must See Countries! 1-5

Dec 1st is an exciting day for some people! It’s the first day for Advent Calendars!  I’m not super religious, so my main enthusiasm for them is a daily dose of chocolate. But for you, my fellow lovers of the world, I’ve compiled a list of 25 Countries that fellow bloggers and myself think that you can’t miss!  Each day will have a new Country and a list of links for you to check out!  Enjoy!

Day 1 ~ Costa Rica

Day 2 ~ Germany

Day 3 ~ Italy

Day 4 ~ Scotland

Day 5 ~ Myanmar



DAY 1 ~ Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is special to me because it was the first time that I took students abroad! (For free, I might add!)  I’ve gathered some other posts for you that have a nice variety of things to go do and see!

  • Passport and Plate‘s One week itinerary of great places to check out!
  • Two Monkeys has a very detailed post about the Pacific side of Costa Rica!
  • Alex in Wanderland has (besides a totally awesome name) a lovely post about Horsebackriding! I may be a little biased since I love horsies.
  • Parenthood and Passports has a great post about heading there with kids!  Costa Rica is very safe and family friendly!


DAY 2 ~ Germany! 

Germany holds a special place in my heart since I lived there right after college!

  • By Me about the town that I lived in! It’s on the Romantic Road in Bavaria (just outside of Munich).  It’s called Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and it is worth more than just a day trip!
  • Karen at WanderlustingK has a great break down of the Rhine Valley on a budget! You can see castles, wine, cute towns, and you can stay in a castle!!
  • By Me about the beautiful castle that you see above! That’s the castle that they modeled the Disney Castle after!  It’s outside of Munich, but closest to Fussen.
  • A Pair of Passports is a lovely couple that has a great rundown of what to do in Berlin!  Berlin has a different vibe than Munich/Bavaria, but is a fascinating city. You can still see mortar and bullet holes from WWII!
  • Make Time to See the World has a list of must see places in Berlin if you’re only there for a short time! Berlin certainly deserves more than 48 hours, so if you have more time, just go more leisurely!


Day 3 ~ Italy!

Italy is such an amazing country (I might be biased because of that tasty FOOD!) in its diversity of history, architecture, cuisine, and landscapes!  I’ve collected some great blogs for you!

  • Tracy’s Travels in Time has a 2 part post about Rome.  And it just wouldn’t be a complete list of links without Rome!  It has all the “must sees!”
  • Traveling Mel brought her lucky kids to Cinque Terre!  Cinque Terre is an amazing town with tiny colorful houses clinging to a cliff!  You don’t have to have kids to get something out of this post!
  • In Afica and Beyond has a top 10 list of things to do in Venice.  The only thing she left off was getting lost in those meandering streets! Seriously, I think everyone gets  lost there, but I think that’s part of the experience!  Don’t forget that gelato!
  • Where’s Nuria is a pretty great 19 year old!!  She has a great post about Pisa! What I liked about it was that it had more than just the leaning tower.  It shows you all around a city that is pigeonholed just for it’s architectural mishap wonder.  It even has directions!
  • My Wanderlusty Life wrote about Florence (as seen above).  I like Ashley’s sense of humor and quick “Do this not that” rundown of Florence!  Plus I love her captions on and under pictures. 😀


Day 4 ~ Scotland!

Scotland was the first country I ever went to on my first solo trip! My college roomie had to cancel because of car issues, but I didn’t want to, so I went!

  • The World As I See It has a list of 20 things to do in Edinburgh!  The only thing missing is fall in love with a beautiful Scotsman! Or perhaps I’ve been watching too much Outlander!
  • Young and Undecided has traveled the world, but realized that sometimes you need to explore your own backyard!  She has tons of posts about Scotland, but I really enjoyed her post about discovering her own city of Glasgow! Makes me want to go out and explore my own Atlanta 😀
  • The Travelators have done all the research if you’re thinking about a road trip! It hits up several major sites (including some Outlander spots (obsessed much?) and Loch Ness!).
  • Travel Hacker Girl also has a road trip around the stunning Isle of Skye.
  • NonStop Destination has put together a photo essay if that’s more your thing! I just love those Highland Cows <3


Day 5 ~ Myanmar!

I haven’t been to Myanmar, but with blogs and pictures like these, it’s clear that I need to get there!  You may have also heard of it as Burma?

  • The Travelling Sloth has (besides an adorable name) a list of top 5 things to do in Myanmar! This is a great place to start if you’re not very familiar with this country!
  • Eat Sleep Breathe Travel took that gorgeous picture above, and she wrote about how to get around and what to see in Bagan! At the very least, you need to click through and see some of those pictures. They are stunning.
  • A Girl Abroad has done a very thorough break down of what to expect if you want to climb Mt. Zwegabin!  As a nerd, I really enjoy the graph and specifics that she has supplied.
  • Eternal Arrival has got you covered if you’re excited about Myanmar but not sure if you can make it! She has 20 beautiful photos!

Click here to see days 6-10!

Click here to see days 11-15!

Keep checking back each day! New countries, posts, and pictures added daily!  Contact me if you’d like your post included! And one pic each day featured on Instagram!

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10 thoughts on “2016 ADVENTure Calendar! 25 Must See Countries! 1-5

  1. This is such a great idea! Can’t wait to see what destinations you feature this month. I love that you feature more than on blog post, so that we can get different itineraries/ideas for each destination.

  2. This is such a cute idea (I totally just buy the advent calendars as an excuse for daily chocolate too). We have family friends that go to Costa Rica every year and it sounds amazing.

  3. I love this post! An adventure calendar is such a good idea. Germany is also one of my favorite places because I spent a summer there this past year! There are so many castles there, love your recommendations!

  4. A really great idea considering the time of year and while it might not be realistic to do all of these, as coincidence would have it, I have actually done Costa Rica to Germany and managed to take in quite a a few things over the course of 72 exhausting hours. Great concept and look forward to reading more

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