10 Ways to Help Support Your Blogger Friend

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So, you have a friend or loved one who is a blogger!?   Many people who don’t blog think it’s super easy! It’s absolutely not “just writing” but so so much more. Research keywords, research rankings, actual writing, SEO optimization, create Pinterest Image, create Facebook/Twitter image, create featured image, add internal links, add external links, follow or no follow links, take pictures, edit pictures, add pictures, alternate text for pictures, captions for pictures, create graphics, possibly a table of contents, some HTML, publish… and then try and get people to read it!

However! There are tons of ways you can help your friend or loved one with their burgeoning business (Yes! It is a business!).

1. Read their blogs!

An astounding amount of time and love goes into every post.  You can tell based on an older one as compared with a new one. Your friend is getting better because they are working at it!  I myself am working on going back to old posts to make them as nice as my latest posts!  With all that effort going into the articles, please read them!  It’s a sad day when strangers seem more invested (both financially and emotionally) to a blogger than their own friends and family!  And when you’re reading, feel free to click around!

Why this helps:

Bloggers need traffic!  Traffic determines income based on ads (not that I have any yet… you’re welcome :p ) and also may make or break potential collaborations in the future! Other businesses that are considering giving your friend their service in exchange for a post are going to ask about traffic!  Some businesses will even pay!  But not without decent traffic! (Traffic is monthly visits 🙂 )  AND when you’re clicking around on the site, you’re telling Google that your friend’s website is helpful, which can help it rank higher.

2. Share their articles!

Sharing is the lifeblood of a blog post. Sometimes they are rife with very useful information that a person may never have even thought to look for! That’s where you come in!  That’s not to say that you need to share all day erry day, but wouldn’t it be nice if 1-3 times a month, you shared one of their articles that you thought was particularly good? You’d know they were good if you read them!  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are bloggers favorite places to have shares!

Why this helps:

Sharing gets articles in front of more eyes. Every new impression is a potential new follower!

3. Make them money! Use their links!

Most bloggers work to monetize their blogs without actually taking money from their readers.  They do that with affiliate marketing. Basically, if you buy something through the blogger’s link, your blogging friend will get a small % back for themselves at no extra cost to you! Why wouldn’t you want to do that for them?

You don’t even need to buy the item suggested.  If you even click through and buy something else, your sale still goes back to that blogger.

For example!  I myself have some affiliate links for:

  • Kiwi.com Another fun flight booking engine!

Why this helps:

If you’re going to be purchasing anything, why wouldn’t you want the company to give your friend a little money?  Blogging is expensive because of ad campaigns, hosting, hiring someone for potential problems, courses, and more! The 10 cents Amazon might slide over because you bought a book helps!

4. Follow them on social media!

When brands consider working with a blogger, they always look at follower counts.  They want to know how many people follow the blogger on each platform to evaluate whether or not it could be a profitable partnership.  We need those numbers!  Even if it’s a platform you don’t use often, it can help!  Don’t forget that we have multiple platforms that we deal with every day!  For instance, I have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Bloglovin’, Flipboard, and more!

Why this helps:

It shows brands that the blogger has a far reach! It can also make a stranger feel more confident in following the blogger because of that bandwagon effect!

5. Comment and like their posts!

Comments and likes are a great way to show your blogger friend that they are appreciated, but it is way more complicated than that! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram do this super annoying thing where they don’t show EVERY post to EVERYone.  They use an algorithm to determine what to show people. Comments and likes bump up the post to show it to an even wider audience.  In terms of how they rank importance: like < reaction < comment.  Basically, commenting is the best! The more effort you put in to engage with a post, the more it shows Facebook/Instagram that it’s important.

Why this helps:

When you comment on your blogger friend’s post, that post gets boosted.  All blogger posts will be public, so when you boost the signal, even people who don’t follow the blogger will be able to see the post!

6. Use their services!

Some bloggers just write, but some also provide a service! Now I’m not saying to go out of your way if it’s not something you need.  But, if it is something you need anyway, why not bring your friend some business!

For example, I have a side hustle of being a Travel Agent!  I can book tours, hotels, cruises, flights, and more!  What you’d also be getting in addition to bookings, is someone who can create an itinerary for you, provide suggestions that you might not have thought of, and offer any insights to places I’ve been (at over 50 countries, you can believe that I have a lot of insight and suggestions!).

Why this helps:

Blogging and any side hustles are a business. Why would you give your money to someone you don’t know when you can give it to someone you do!

7. Recommend to friends!

If you hear someone mentioning something along the lines that your blogger friend is an expert on, send them to your friend!  People love working with people who come recommended!  Plus, when you share with friends, they might share with friends, who might share with friends… and look at all that new help you just sent to your friend!

Why this helps:

Spreading the word is spreading the audience!

8. Let them know if you find mistakes!

Everyone is human and makes mistakes, whether they be grammatical or factual.  If you find a mistake, let them know! You know how hard it is to find mistakes in your own writing! I’m an English teacher, and sometimes mistakes still get through in my work.  My mom is the best at finding them (Thanks Mom 🙂 )

Why this helps:

It’s human nature to enjoy correcting others 🙂 But also you’re improving your friend’s brand.

9. Offer suggestions of topics!

You’re a part of your blogger’s audience! If you have a question, you’re probably not the only one!  Definitely suggest topics for future articles!  I’m sure I’m not the only blogger that keeps a list of future topics that I can write about! I’d be more inclined to write up an article if I knew it was something people wanted to read!

Why this helps:

Well it obviously helps your friend have something to write about that they didn’t have to think of.

10. Just give them a compliment!

Blogging can be thankless work.  We write, we edit, we research, we analyze, we plan, we execute etc etc etc.  A compliment on a picture, layout, article, topic, anything really would feel so good!  

Why this helps:

People who feel appreciated work harder and better!

If you have any suggestions of what to add to this list… comment below!  

If you’re a blogger, and you want your friends and loved ones to read this, pin and/or share!

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    Now we know how important it is to reply, like, share, etc.
    So easy to just read the blog and think, hmmmm, she’s super talented, helpful, resourceful and hilarious.

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